Thursday, September 17, 2009

Practice What You Preach

This is another gem that I found in a parenting magazine. I have had it hanging on my fridge for a few years (it is from the September 2005 edition), and it is pretty hammered. I decided to post it here so that I can finally throw it away, but share it with you as well.

Practice What You Preach
Are you sending mixed messages about good values? See if any of these little slip-ups sound familiar.

You tell your child it's nice to help others, but you never drop anything into your supermarket's food-drive bin.

You shout,"Turn off those cartoons", but you spend every evening watching TV until bedtime.

You tell your child she's perfect just as she is, but you're obsessed with your weight.

You explain that people come in all shapes. sizes, and colors, but when a neighbor tells a racist joke, you laugh.

You tell your child to be a better listener, but you interrupt his stories to answer your cell phone.

You say it's polite to take turns, but you hog the remote control.

You tell him to control his tantrums, but you curse at anyone who cuts you off when you're driving him to school.

You say, "Use your words!", but when you're angry at your partner and he asks what's wrong, you snap, "If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you."

You urge your child not to compare herself to others, but you get jealous if your neighbors take fancier vacations than you do.

You teach that it's wrong to steal, but you take towels home from the hotel.


Jen said...

Do people really take towels from hotel rooms? I know that it happens by accident sometimes, but on purpose?