Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Best Job

I will never understand the obsession with getting into the kennel with our dog...but I have to say, I love it! I know that every parent feels this way, but I love watching my kids grow up. I love the way that by morning, both of my girls have ended up in my room to sleep...and that I can hear some nintendo playing in the background from my son who has arisen earlier than everyone else so that he can play. I love the way that my son senses when I am nearing the end of my rope, and always takes that moment to give me a hug and tell me that he loves me. I love the way that my older daughter tells me "Thank you for this wonderful dinner, Mommy" everytime we sit down to eat...whether we are having something that I have slaved to create from scratch, or cold cereal. I love when my baby sees me getting ready for the day and says things like, "Mommy, you are so tretty.", or "Mommy, it looks dreat in here." after I have straightened up a room. I smile as they choose parts to "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" in the car and recite the entire thing as we drive, and then explode into fits of laughter when the entire cast is blown up by the pipe bomb. I laugh at the wrong words they sing to songs like "American Lumbo" (American Woman), and "In Stand an Oval" (Istanbul). Don't get me wrong, our lives are filled with the same whining, and fighting, and craziness that everyone else's are. I am just choosing to take today and focus on how gratetful I am for the children that I have, and how much I enjoy being a part of their lives.

Lonliness in a Crowded Room

So...I know that everyone goes through those times where they feel alone. I don't think that knowledge helps when you are feeling that way, however. The problem is self-inflicted, in my case, as I don't ever choose to share my struggles with anyone. I have a problem with trying to appear like I always have everything put together, which I assume everyone has. I just never share anything, and so when I have difficulties, I feel very alone.

I have learned of late that this is a ridiculous behavior. I don't know why I never share my struggles with others, because there are people who are willing to be there for me when I need it. I really do know amazing people...who are not so self-invloved that they wouldn't take time to be there for me. I am in the wrong for not allowing them to be there for me if I need it. I am learning that friendship goes both ways. I know that I am forever willing to be there for those that I love, and would feel very badly if they did not feel that from me. While it is difficult to admit that I am weak, I can take the oppurtunity to lean on those that are strong. I love you all.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

...And I Know it Wasn't You, But Even So...

So, as many of you will recall, I posted back in September about singing with a local band. As the majority of you will also know, I still sing with the aforementioned band. Bry recorded us singing the origional song that I was asked to sing with them at a recent acoustic performance. If you remember, I said something in the first post that I wrote, I said something about it being the most difficult somg that I have ever sung due to it's quick moving line, and VERY many words. Now, you can hear the song if you would like for yourself. I apologize, the sound on our small and dorky camera doesn't really do the song justice...but it is the best that we have at the moment.