Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Scariest Thing

So, as you may know, my very favorite holiday is fast approaching...and so I thought it fitting to write about what scares me. I know that there are many who are afraid of ghosts and cemeteries and other such things, but I have never really been scared of them. In fact, I recently visited an actual haunted house with some friends, and have spent a night in a graveyard. (I know, something is wrong with me...if you feel the need to point this out, I suppose you can. Also, the video of the recent haunted excursion and a full report are forthcoming). These things really don't terrify me. I am not going to say that a creepy spider doesn't make my skin crawl a bit, or that a ghost wouldn't make my heart stop for a fraction of a second, but they don't keep me up at night either. However, the thing that really freaks me out is (and I fully understand the mocking that is comming my way for this) unnatural movement. Let me explain this a bit. You know when you are watching a movie, and suddenly the camera is sped up making someone move really fast and jerky? Or when someone is all bent inhumanly? That freaks me out to no end!! I is the weirdest thing ever, but I can't watch that part in the exorcist where the girl is backward bend/walking down the stairs. It freaks me out for days! I can't watch The Ring...and not because of the plot or other is really just the way that that blasted girl comes out of the TV! I am not gonna lie, sometimes even claymation gets me. I am still kind of afraid of the Abominable Snow Monster in Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It gives me the flipping heebies when he first climbs over that mountain...and on that note, so does the old King Kong. What the crap is up with those creepy eyes, and the jerky way that me moves!?!? So, while I may not ever be scared of "What Lies Beneath", or any of the classic slasher movies like "Halloween" or "Scream", just know that I won't sleep without the lights on if you ask me to watch "The Grudge", or even, potentially "Rudolf".