Monday, March 23, 2009

Guitar Hero FOR REAL!!!

So...just tell me that my son is darling, and we can move on. :)

Mawage is What Bwrings us Togevah Today

Liza and Belle asked if they could see my "beautiful marriage dress" the other day. I pulled it out and showed them...which produced much "oooh-ing" and "ahhh-ing". Of course they said that they wanted their own wedding dresses to look "exactally the same" when they got married. I decided that they might really like to try the dress on. They loved it, and have been talking about it ever since.


Carah and I took our kids to the Museum of Natural History recently. The kids all really had a good time. They loved playing in the Native American Hut, and exploring the caves. There is a bug zoo there currently where the kids performed a puppet show for us. I took a few pictures of some spiders, but I am not gonna lie...scared me so badly that I could not even post them. I never had a fear of spiders, but I think that I left the museum that day with a developing one. The picture where Liza is in some kind of crazy crouching position is when she was trying to be a bird...I personally don't remember birds behaving in such a way...but you learn something every day! There was also a point where she tried to intimidate a 1,000,000,000 year old T-Rex skull, and I believe that she may have succeeded.

Ooh Ohh Ohh doo doo Ahhn aa-oh

As so many of you know, my son is currently thinking that Kirby (you know, the litte pink puffball of Nintendo fame) is the coolest thing ever. He has passed this on to many of your own children, in fact (and for that I apologize). Ethan also loves to watch Kirby episodes and songs on YouTube. Recently, I caught him and Eliza singing along to a Kirby song in Japanese. I thought it was relatively humorous.

Ethan in LOVE!

So, one day...I caught Ethan taping a paper arrow to his head. I'm not sure what was going on in his cute little mind. :) Enjoy!