Friday, June 6, 2008

Don't you just hate days like that?

You know the ones--the days where every concievable thing goes wrong? Eventually, it feels like your life has come full circle and is no longer pitiful, but laughable. This has been my day so far. I have been sick for the last two days and am now so far behind in my life that it is getting ridiculous. I have a lot to do tomorrow (rehersal, Belle's Birthday Party, Hannah's Baptism, just a name a few), and so need to get caught up today. The day started with my needing to run to Michael's so that I could make a flower crown for Hannah's baptism. June realized as I was working that her keys were in the car that her husband drove to work, and asked me if I could please drive her to Salt Lake so that she could get them. We packed everyone (Me, June, Eliza, Belle, Hannah, and McKenzie) in the van and I dropped her off at about 11:30. Sadly, the freeway only had a south-bound entrance where I was, and so I had to drive on Redwood Road and try and catch the freeway in Bountiful at 5th South. Apparently, however, there is MAJOR road construction on 5th South, and there (luckily for me) was also a rollover accident at one of the on-ramps there. As many of you know, Redwood Road becomes a two lane road, and so if you get stuck on it, you are truely stuck on it. I was there for AN HOUR waiting to get on to the freeway. So now it is about 12:30, and I start to panic--I have to pick up the carpool in Clearfield at 1:15, and I happen to know that there is major traffic in Kaysville due to more road construction, and so decide to exit the freeway in Centerville. This is when a very important realization is made...ALL OF DAVIS COUNTY IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! I'm not kidding--EVERYTHING!!! I finally got to Kaysville, and not only is the on-ramp there under construction, but so is Main St. I was diverted quite a distance East before I could return to the main road. Then, as I continued to travel, (you'll never guess), Main St. in Layton is also under construction. My sister called my cell-phone about this time and said that I had made the right decision about the backroads nonethelass, as she was stuck in the Kaysville traffic, and was driving only 5mi/hr. I got to the school at 1:20, nearly two hours (and a million gallons of gas, I'm sure) after I left. Luckily, the kids were just getting out, and so all was well.

I then went home where I was berated once again by the Schwan's man for not ordering anything, and I decided to call and let Schwan's know that unless a different driver comes to my house, I will not order anything again--only to discover that I have NO DIAL TONE!!! So I am then forced to spent the next 45 minutes on the phone (thank goodness that I have a cell now) with a Quest repairman giving me instructions on how to open and test my phone line from an outside box. As luck would have it, the problem lies with Quest, and, you guessed it, a repairman will be out to fix the problem by Monday. (Today is Friday, by the way). This explains why I couldn't get a hold of anyone while I was freaking out in the car that I wouldn't be able to pick up the kids--as it turns out, NO ONE'S PHONES ARE WORKING IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! YEAHOO!!

I still had the Schwan's Company to call, and I really tried to be reasonable, but I'm quite sure that I was not quite the happy and lovely individual that I usually come across as to that poor customer service rep. On top of everything, there is a mysterious smell comming from my kitchen that I cannot place, and none of my laundry is done--let alone the infamous ironing. I know, I know, blogging is not helping the whole "I was already behind in my work" situation, but if I loose my mind, then nothing gets done either, so I suppose that this is the lesser of two evils.

You should all call me and tell me that everything will turn out OK, and that my house smells fine, and I am amazing and can accomplish everything that I have to do--oh wait, I DON'T HAVE A WORKNIG PHONE!! Sucks to be me today, I guess. Maybe I'll gat lucky and someone will buy the rights to my life and turn it into a sitcom.