Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why I Hate Christmas Music

As many of you know, I LOATHE Christmas music!! I can barely stomach Christmas shopping because of it. I take a lot of flack because of my feelings toward it, and I am lectured every year as well. Everyone always says, "I can't understand how ANYONE can have a problem with Christmas music.", and, "How can you not want to have the Christmas Spirit all year?". It is because of this, I have decided to take a moment and justify my feelings.

First of all, let me put Christmas music into two categories: Cheesy/Sugary, and of Holy/Religious.

The first category I feel is self-explanatory for anyone who knows me very well, but for the rest of you, I will explain. I am not really that "sugary sweet" kinda gal. I prefer things that are a little dark, or thought-provoking. I despise puns and that sort of silliness. I wouldn't usually listen to a shallow, predictable melody about goofy unicorns or fairies planting sugar flowers or something....I feel that I have moved on to more adult kinds of music. I really don't care about care about the roasted chestnuts on the open fire, or the blasted silver bells on the street corners, and seriously, I throw up in my mouth a little bit every time someone whiles about their heart that they gave to some jerk last Christmas and their plans to give it to someone better this year. However, I know that there are people who love the simple sweetness of some of the more "sugary" of Christmas songs, and on that, we will just have to agree to disagree.

The second category really is the one that frustrates me the most. I have a hard time with what I call "Bumper-Sticker Religion". I have never felt that the rear window or a car or the like is really the place for my declarations of faith. My faith is very personal to me, and I honestly want to hold it in a place of highest value. I think that religion and faith should always be held as sacred, and only reserved for times when it can be expressed with utmost reverence. A beautiful gold cross, or a Star of David on a chain, or a CTR ring worn as an outward reminder of faith is, in my mind, an appropriate show of faith, however, maybe "Jesus Saves" on a mudflap is a bit much. It is because if my problem with this type of attitude that I have a problem with the Religious/Holy type of Christmas music. I love to sing it or listen to it in an appropriate and worshipful setting, but somehow the music looses something when it is performed by a boy band. I RARELY hear "Top Forty" type artists treat holy music with the respect that it deserves, and it upsets me to hear things that I hold as sacred in a callous and casual setting.

So, those are my justifications. I really don't hate the season. I love the spirit of the season and the goodness that it brings. I just never am a fan of the dorky cheesiness, and I just want the sacred to remain so.