Friday, July 25, 2008

A Day filled with Jam and Love

Carah, June, and I spent the day on Wednesday making Carah's famous "Tripple Berry Jam". It is always a fun thing to make something from scratch that other people can enjoy. It is also a fun day to can with girlfriends. (However, I have learned that Grandmas get upset when the floor is too sticky.) :)

The jam is incredible, and if anyone wants the recipie, you will have to get with Carah. It is made with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and love. It is so much better than the sum of it's parts.

Swim Fan

Ethan and Eliza just finished their swimming lessons for the Summer. They enjoy swimming quite a bit. Ethan has even said that swimming is his favorite sport. He will have to be able to hold his breath a bit longer if he really wants to pursue it, however. :) Eliza also enjoys swimming, but she does not like to get her ears wet--another hurdle on the way to greatness, and one that I think she will have to overcome. I seem to recall that breath-holding is important, and that there is the potential for ear-wetness in swimming. Nonetheless, the older two have loved the swimming.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Whatever Happened to My Lunchbox...

Last night was INCREDIBLE!! My husband took me to see the John Mayer concert at Usana, and it was AWESOME!!! My husband does not believe that any bit of three hour entertainment can be worth $70 per person, but apperently it is worth that ammount if it makes your spouse happy. I love that man!! He bought tickets for the two of us to see the show for no other reason than because he knew that I would love it--and he was right!! The concert was amazing!

It is always a great experience to see someone who is so gifted share there talent with the world--and the experience is hightened when the performer is brought joy by sharing their craft with the world. John told the audience multiple times how there was very little else that he would rather do than play his guitar on a stage and allow people those moments to forget their troubles, and perhaps gain a new perspective on things. I always find the lyrics to his music profound. I personally like to take time when I listen to his music and re-evaluate the priorities in my life, and remember to see things from another's perspective. He has such an amazing grasp of the English language, and can paint such a poetic, and yet powerful picture with his lyrics. I love the depth of his words.

I don't think that anyone can listen to John Mayer play his guitar and not come away with a new respect for what can be acomplished when one dedicates their life to music. My parents believed and taught my siblings and I that there is much to be learned by studying music, and I have a great respect for those who are truly great musically. I spent much time during the concert just closing my eyes and letting the music soak into my soul--which is something everyone should take time to do. It can be an amazing experience.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Most Recent Craziness

So, I am EXHAUSTED!! As I have not yet caught up on my sleep from "Forum", I assume that the next logical step is to camp out for the midnight showing of "The Dark Knight" for four days, is it not? Needless to say, I will crash tonight, and may not wake for a few days.

My kids and I set up a tent near the entrance to the Cineplex Odeon in Layton at about 9:30am on Monday morning. (And, yes, we were the first people in line!!) My kiddles were so excited, and I let them stay the night. We had a great time. We watched movies and played games--it was a really fun time with the kids, and something that is fun and out of the ordinary.

Wednesday evening, I was interviewed by a guy with the KJZZ Cafe morning show. I had to come home and watch myself--it was kinda silly, and in the pictire that they took of me, I swear I have 17 chins.

By the time Thursday night came around, I was pretty tired, but in good spirits--I had a lot of Dr. Pepper to drink. There was an incident where some hozer tried to cut in front of me in line, but no worries--my sister-in-law, Steph yelled at him, grabbed a hold of his shirt, and escorted him to the back of the line. It was worth waiting all of that time just for that, people!!

The movie was BRILLIANT!! I have to say that it was one of the best assembled movies that I have ever seen. However, it was also absolutely TERRIFYING! I understand why Heath Ledger was having a hard time with anxiety--anyone would while playing the Joker in that film. The movie was very disturbing, and one of the girls in my group was nearly histerical after leaving the theatre. This movie is not for the faint of heart--and I would strongly recommend NOT taking your children to see it.

I have to say, as I have said on many occasions before, if a movie is worth seeing, it is worth camping out for a couple of days to see the premire. I know that people think that I am nuts, but there is an energy in the croud when everyone has sacrificed some time to be there. I am always a little disappointed to go and see movies at more reasonable times--because the entire croud isn't laughing, or clapping, or gasping in unison. (Most of the screaming is usually still just me, though.) :)

Yea for doing things out of the ordinary!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened...

A few months ago, I had a moment of temporary insanity and tried out for the Clearfield City Musical . I am not usually the type to do theatre, but having worked on Les Mis at Northridge High, I was inspired. I have to say, that it has been a really fun experience. The show is really funny, (and any of you that have not seen it really should--it's good times), and I have met some really fun people. I am hoping to remain friends with everyone when the show ends. This has been a really cool experience, one that I was hesitant to do at first. I am really glad that I went outside of my comfort zone and have had the oppurtunity to be involved with such an enjoyable experience. Yea for experiencing different things!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another new Addition

A couple of weeks ago, as my kids and I were driving home from Achievement Days, a neighbor approached us and told us that there was this little lost dog that she had been keeping an eye on, but couldn't any longer as her daughter was afraid of it. I told her that I would be happy to let her run around in our backyard until I could get a hold of Animal Control. The dog was very submissive and thin, and so everyone was concerned that she would get hurt iof left on her own. As luck would have it, Animal Control was closed for the weekend, and the dog would have to stay at our home for the weekend. Bryan and I were very careful to tell the kids not to get too attached as this dog belonged to someone else, and for them to make "Found Dog" signs to post around the neighborhood. The weekend was filled with taking the dog for walks around different areas in an attempt to find the owner, going to PetsMart and Petco and posting signs on their "Lost/Found" board, and posting the "Found Dog" signs that the kids had made all over the neighborhood, and beyond.
When Monday morning came, there was no sign of the dog's (Eliza had started calling her "Chloe") family and so I was finally able to contact Animal Control. I was told that Animal Control woudl have to pick her up and hold her for four days in an attempt to find her owners and also to make sure that she was relatively healthy (you know, no Rabies or things of that sort). If no one came forward to claim her, then our family would be the first on the list to adpot her.
After three days, the girls were so concerned about Chloe, that we took a trip to Animal Control to see what the status was on the situation. As luck would have it, Chloe was in a kennel right at the front and started to howl as soon as she saw the girls and me. We were all so sad for her and that night I spoke to Bryan about Chloe. We decided that we should adopt her, and so the next day, we went and got Chloe and brought her home. We learned from a vet visit that she is about a year and a half old, most likely a Dachund/Jack Russell Terrier mix and just weaned puppies. The vet believed that someone probablly abandoned her when they found out that she was expecting puppies. It made me sad for her again.
So now, Chloe is the newest member of the Brady household and everyone is excited, with the exception of Precious who regularly stares Chloe down, which makes Chloe whimper and run and hide. Like I always say, it may not have been wisdom to name the cat after an evil ring. :)