Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

My family just returned from Disneyland. It was the most amazing vacation that we have ever taken!! It is incerdible the way that people who are happy rub off on other people, and soon you have hundreds of people who are all happy. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and we had a BLAST!! Ethan's favorite ride was the Matterhorn, Eliza'a was "Star Tours", and Belle loved the "Winnie the Pooh" ride. My favorite has always been, and I'm quite sure will always be "Pirates of the Carribean". (Does this suprise anyone, though?) We spent three days in the park, and my kids did really well. They rode everything that they could ride--Ethan is my new "Roller-Coaster Friend". Every time that they got off a ride that was thrilling, we would all say.."You're not hard core-unless you live hard-core"!! Belle, however, would only ride things with her Daddy.

The second day in the park was "Dress-up Day". We let the kids decide if they wanted to be a princess or a pirate in the park. Ethan chose to be a pirate, Isabelle wanted to be a princess, but Eliza couldn't decide and went as a "Pirate Princess". People kept giggling at the costume, but the employees called her "Pirate Princess" the whole day. It was really fun.

This was also the day that we decided to visit "California Adventure". It was not as suited for children as Disneyland, but was really fun, nonetheless. Ethan and Eliza spent a lot of time in "A Bug's Land" in the water fountains. They had a really good time. (For those of you that have not been there--think Gateway Fountains that look like they're comming out of a garden hose.)

We did learn that Bry has really bad "ride karma". He waited in line with Ethan for Space mountain three times, however, was never able to ride it because it broke down every time! Bry and I also ride-swapped Indiana Jones, and it broke down on him as well. He nearly broke "The Haunted Mansion", but luckily, all of the kids and I, with our '"good ride karma" were able to save the day.

Sadly, all of the excitement of the trip took it's toll on our faithful camera, and it has now moved on to a better place. After the second day in Disneyland, it closed it's shutters for the last time, and would take pictures no more. We were just glad that it's final moments were taking pictures of such a happy place. It would have wanted it that way. Luckily, the third day was spent with my Mother-in-Law who came to the rescue with her camera. (Unfortunantly, at the time of this writing, I do not have the pictures that she took--so more forthcomming!!) We had a lovely time with her. The kids were so excited to share "The Happiest Place on Earth" with their Grandma Brady, who just happens to be "The Nicest Person on the Plannet", so really, what could have been better?

I think that the ride totals went a little something like...Haunted Mansion: 3x, Matterhorn: 4x, Star Tours: 2x, Indiana Jones: 2x, Jungle Cruise: 4x, The Tiki Room: 3x, and Pirates of the Carribean: probablly 5 or 6x. (What can I say, I'm the mom, and I have a lot of influence.) :) Ethan found an hourglass for his souvineer, Eliza got some princess dolls, and Belle picked out Minnie Mouse. I purchaced a "Pirates of the Carribean" blanket, and I felt like a little kid, I was so excited.
This was our first experience taking the kids to Disneyland, and I have to say, we will be taking them again. Even Bry was not stressed about letting them eat in the park--and as many of you know, it can be pretty pricey. It was just so fun to leave all of our cares and worries at the front gate, and have a truly magical few days with my family. I look forward to returning!


Jen said...

Love the pictures! can't wait to see more. I've got a few pics I took of Bryan and Ethan as we were standing in the line for Space Mountain before it broke down, and then was fixed, and then broke down again (thanks to the mentioned karma of Bry). That was a way fun trip and I'm glad we were able to do a little bit with you and share in the happiness of Disneyland. It's all about the magic. Even their food is sprinkled with magic. On the long drive home, Me and Dev were discussing how awesome your kids behaved. They were great! So props to you!

The Munkies said...

one day i will be as rich as you and take my fam to the happiest place on earth. maybe they can make the unhappiest child smile. much love and i love the pictures

Grandma & Pa Farley said...

Disneyland with NEW Characters ! We love the Brady Characters best. Loved the Happiest photos ever with those Pirates & Princesses. Next time WE get to go,too !

Marf said...

I am so happy that you guys got to go!! We LOVE the land of Disney and we hope to go again soon! We should go together!! Your pics rock and I have to say that I think Liza's depiction of a princess is pretty acurate. Aren't we all a little bit princess, a little pirate?

Mike, Jules, Gabee and Izee said...

seriously. Are you kidding how much Disneyland changes a person!!?? I LOVE IT THERE... I wish I could live in the castle and eat breakfast with the characters every day... Your pics are amazing. LOVE the one of the kids in their costumes... Disneyland is one of the few places that you can do that, and NO ONE stares at you!!! Welcome back.. and much love