Friday, May 23, 2008

Attack of the Seaweed People!!

One of the days that the family was in California was a "Beach Day". My kids had a great time playing in the sand and waves--all except for Belle who kept looking around as if asking everyone "OK, we are sure that no one has a problem with this?" She was very scared of the waves and the noise that they made. At some point, Jen had the idea to wear the seaweed that kept washing up onto the shore. So, the next logical step was to join her and start a beach tribe. Kevin was the tribal leader. I think that the green of the seaweed goes very nicely against the uber-witeness of all of our skin, don't you?

Belle loved playing in the sand or sitting on a towel--far away from the waves. She and I dug a very deep hole at one point, that she took great enjoyment from later filling in.

Ethan was the brave one. He loved chasing the waves and then being chased by them in turn. He spent the most time in the water of any of my children. That kid is some kinda mamal/amphibian crossover!!

Eliza was the only one of my children that would consider joining the aforementioned tribe. I have to say, that she pulled it off better then the rest of us--but don't mention that to Kevin, he's considering making the wardrobe change permanent.

By the way, I have to thank Jen and Dev for the pics. As I said in my previous entry, my camera had gone the way of all flesh (or electronics as the case may be) by this time in the trip, and we were dependant on the kindness of others for the photos--thanks a ton!!


Grandma & Pa Farley said...

First it was The Happiest Kingdom. Now we have THE TRIBE!Tell me again why we aren't in the photos? I can be fun ! Green with envy but LOVED the photos.Dev & Jen plus the tribe are fashion leaders.

The Munkies said...

i am ordering my seaweed today, can i be part of the tribe?? i promise to be a very white and humble servant, until the allliances start up-then watch out i am in it to win it baby